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Come To Find Out...You Can  
G E T  S O M E  S A T I S F A C T I O N !


- Dakota Giglio -
As you can see by the big smile on
his face, Dakota Giglio, shown here with his fiancee, Kendall McCarthy, was very happy to be on the receiving end of a
25" x 18" limited edition print of my Continental 59 Divided piece when his father Steve surprised him with it as a house warming gift upon graduating from college. "I've never seen anything like's so cool!", notes the young video editor "and the great thing is that I didn't have to take the extra time of getting it matted and framed!"


- Chuck Johnson -
My wife Linda and I not only collect
mid-century modern furniture, etc, we
also enjoy spending vacation time in Palm Springs, plus we're also classic car buffs. So, this cool poster is perfect for reminding us of all the great times we have there. Besides that, the quality is excellent, ordering it was really easy, it arrived quickly and one of the best things is that it's already gallery framed and ready to hang, so we were able to put
it up and enjoy it immediately. Thanks so much for such a great experience, Scott, we'll be buying more of your awesome work soon! 



- Vince Carlise -
I was thrilled to receive my limited edition T-Bird print today, already framed and ready to hang. It's a great addition to our passion for Thunderbird automobilia and we can't wait to see what Scott comes up with next!
(Thanks so much too, Vince, for providing
your car for this piece! - Scott)

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