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H A M  S A N D W I C H

S T O L E N   T O M A T O S 

O B S E R V A T I O N  &  P E R C E P T I O N

Recently, I've been surprised when a few people who, upon viewing different works of mine, have seen things in them that I hadn't intended or even

implied. Along those same lines, I've also been deeply disturbed with the amazing disparity in the extreme volatility of the 2020 political scene

in America, where for instance, platforms and ideas that to me seem to be derived from simple logic and common sense have been met with a complete

and opposite interpretation by others to the point where the question of how can people "see" things so differently cannot be ignored. The word "see"

is really the operative word here in that it implies a depth of understanding that influences our personal interpretation...or not...of what we've observed

and seems to be formed by ideas and opinions derived from a variety of life experiences and stimuli. This includes our upbringing, our work experience

our education, our individual, family and social conditioning and pressures and even our genetic makeup, not to mention political and religious beliefs

and associations that color our individual reactions to what we observe, whether it be a person, a place or thing or even an idea and even art. 

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