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S C O T T  L O C K W O O D

On the back of my 5th grade report card my teacher, Mrs. Adams, wrote, "Scotty could spend his free

time doing something besides drawing cars - reading perhaps."  So, even though I got volunteered for

this new fangled Speed Reading course, which actually enlightened me to the joys of the printed word, by

the 8th gradeI was raking in the dough by drawing Ed "Big Daddy" Roth style, monster-car artwork on

other students sweatshirts during recess with Sharpies and spray cans for $2.00 a shirt. ( I had no idea

what an airbrush even was.) Then, after graduating high school and enrolling as an art major at

Orange Coast College in Orange County, CA I happened to take a photography course as an

elective and discovered that I could be just as creative and expressive but get to see the end results a

lot quicker which, for an impatient 19 year old with lots of other interests like cars, girls and music, that

was very appealing. So, I eventually transferred to California State University Fullerton and enrolled in

the Communication Arts department to study commercial photography and graphic design. However,

when one of my professors showed a movie called Blowup, supposedly based upon the life of

real life English shooter, David Bailey, and starring the 1960s -'70s actor David Hemmings as a

London fashion photo-grapher tooling around in his convertible Bentley picking up props for an

upcoming photoshoot with a couple of gorgeous, half-naked models writhing around on

a studio seamless, I knew right then and there that that was what I wanted to do.


So, after receiving my bachelor's degree and then assisting for a local commercial

shooter for a while, I opened a studio in Newport Beach, CA to shoot everything and

anything I could. Then, after honing my skills and learning more about shooting women and

clothes, as well as working with professional models, makeup artists and wardrobe stylists,

I eventually moved to Los Angeles to try my hand at fashion, beauty and celebrity work

and, as you can see from the small sample of work I've included below...I succeeded.

latimesmag_cover+names_6x8(no date)

S C O T T  L O C K W O O D

Meanwhile, when I wasn't shooting beautiful women I was working on personal

projects, including one of my other favorite subjects since I was a and car

related stuff, which encompasses both my hand-tinted and hood ornament series. I've also

discovered the beauty and luminous depth of modernist style b&w as practiced by old masters

like Ansel Adams  and even learned to "see" better through the work of photographers like Brett

WestonAndré Kertesz and Alexander Rodchenko. I've even learned a lot about composition and

balance from my favorite abstract painter Wassily Kandinski during his Bauhaus years...after

taking some time out to give myself the equivalent of a degree in art history along the way.


Now, after retiring from commercial work and relocating back to the San Francisco Bay Area

where I was raised, I've even been experimenting with a few new food still-life ideas, as well

as some serious conceptual and fine art pieces that are meant to make you think a little, not

to mention my Mid-Century Modern series. I'll continue to pursue all of this work, so please

check back from time to time. Or better yet, click <H E R E> to leave me your email address

and what work you're interested in, so I can notify you personally regarding updates. 

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