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C O L L E C T O R  P R I N T S

Collector prints are signed, numbered and dated

limited edition prints in editions of between 5 to 25 

printed on fine art, archival photo paper and then 

matted and framed with a thin, black, gallery frame.


D E C O R A T I V E   P R I N T S

Decorative Prints are open edition, archival-pigment

prints with the image description, title and artist's

name printed on virtual matte along with the

image and framed with a thin, black gallery frame. 


C O L L E C T I B L E   P O S T E R S

Collectible Posters are open edition and unsigned, 

have the title and description along the bottom edge 

of the image, are printed on premium quality poster

paper and framed with a thin, black, gallery frame

Thanks so much for visiting my Lockwood Art Editions Store where you'll find the option to purchase my art as limited edition collector prints, open edition decorative prints and collectible

posters at sizes that are designed to work with any decor or space and, along with their simple, black, gallery frames are ready to hang without any additional expense or effort on your part.

Initially, I've put this store together to sell prints and posters from my most recent, automotive related, Mid Century Modern Heads & Tails series...which is the only collection that's actually available at the moment. However, after exploring this site you'll find other work in other genres, and even different styles, that'll also be available in the near future because, similar to a couple of masters of fashion and still life photography who's work inspires me, Irving Penn and Albert Watson, I'm continually interested and curious about the variety of things I encounter along the road of life, and therefore don't adhere to one particular style. (That said, an old friend and former Director of The Downey Museum of Art, Kate Davies, once commented that my work "possesses a strong, graphic balance that projects a peaceful and harmonious Zen like beauty....along with a little humor here and there.") Anyway, my approach is more about exploring different solutions to creative problems that best express the raison d'être of the subject matter I'm working with. So, I hope you enjoy the variety of work you see here and eventually find something that'll work perfectly for your space.


- Scott Lockwood -

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